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Conveniently located in the Ravenswood Manor/Albany Park neighborhood on the North side of Chicago, Healthy Spine Naprapathic Center is a holistic health center dedicated to relieving pain through gentle hands on Naprapathic Manipulation.


Dr. Lisa Sherman, Doctor of Naprapathy, received her undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her Doctorate in Naprapathic Medicine was awarded from the National College of Naprapathic Medicine and she is Board Certified and licensed to practice in the State of Illinois. Dr. Sherman is a connective tissue specialist who practices pain management using state of the art equipment.

In her practice, Dr Sherman's focus is not just relieving pain, but examining and correcting the reasons why the injury occurred in the first place.

"I examine posture, ergonomics, and diet to determine the impact these are having on the patient. I emphasize postural exercises with the patient to correct any muscular imbalances that may be present. I will also examine the patients' diet to determine if food allergies may be contributing to pain and inflammation."

While a student at the National college of Naprapathic Medicine, Dr Sherman was awarded the Highest Clinic Award, and an Award for Academic Excellence in Naprapathic Sciences.

Dr. Sherman is currently an adjunct faculty member of the National College of Naprapathic Medicine, and a consultant to Arlington Heights Internal Medicine in Arlington Heights.

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