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At Healthy Spine Naprapathic, we are grateful for our wonderful patients. Read some of our unsolicited testimonials!

“Lisa is absolutely fantastic at what she does. She completely fixed my chronic shoulder pain within a few visits that no other doctor could even come close to doing. I would highly recommend that you see her well before you even consider what mainstream doctors have to offer such as drugs and surgery - you will be pleasantly surprised! I have recommended her to many people and they have experienced the same great results that I did. We need to get the word out there that there is a viable alternative! Thank you Lisa!”
- Roberta B.

“Lisa Sherman is an excellent Naprapath with a healing touch. Lisa has a lot of knowledge of her subject and she prescribes a comprehensive treatment plan. I would suggest everyone with pain or joint issues to pay Lisa a visit. You will be very satisfied with the results.”

- Reena M.

“When a patient is seeking relief from pain and other medical avenues have failed, Naprapaths for some reason are usually the last resort; and guess what? They are usually able the help… My father (who is a senior and on a fixed income) has suffered with sciatic pain on and off for years. More recently, he had an onset of pain and was constantly going to his doctor because Medicare would pay for his visits, but still wasn’t getting any relief. I encouraged him to see Lisa Sherman, DN, telling him I was sure he would experience relief and that it would be affordable. He was actually bent over when we walked into her office and barely talking because he was wincing in pain. After a naprapathic treatment and cold laser auriculotherapy, the sciatic pain was relieved 100% and he was able to stand up straight. He was amazed. He looked at her and smiled and said “What did you say your name was again?” She told him and he laughed and said “Lisa, I don’t think I’ll forget your name anytime soon.” – I would highly recommend Lisa Sherman, DN, she is an excellent Naprapath!!!”

- Thais H.

“Dr. Lisa Sherman is an excellent naprapathic physician. I have seen her for various issues, including back pain, knee pain and achilles tendinitis. I recommend her strongly as a caring and innovative health care professional"

- Toni R.

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